This is a user guide for mdatoolsm — a free and open source MATLAB toolbox for analysis of spectral and other kind of experimental data based on methods widespread in Chemometrics. The tutorial, though, does not describe the methods, it is assumed that the reader is already acquainted with theory.

This is a pre-release version and I am still working on it. Also when new version of the toolbox is released, there will be some changes/additions to the tutorial as well. You can track main changes here.

It is recommended to start learning the toolbox with a Quick start guide which gives a brief overview of basic functionality and allows you to start working with the toolbox after 30 minutes. Then just continue with other topics of the tutorial to get acquainted with all features and details.

The toolbox was tested using MATLAB 2012b and should also works on later versions. For the basic functionality you do not need any other toolboxes installed. All methods were tested using well-known datasets. However there still could be some bugs, in this case please report to or use Issues tool at GitHub.

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